D'Glass 20

D’glass 20 widens your horizon; it is a perfect solution to give life to the spaces in your home underused until now. This sliding system without vertical profiles offers a great versatility since it can be used indoors, as room divider, to acclimatize outdoor areas such as terraces, porches, balconies… protecting them from the weather, dust and noise. In general, it improves your house’s energy efficiency.
Easy use. The first shutter moves the rest of them automatically in both directions.
Safe. Anti-elevation system for all the itinerary of the shutters. Thanks to its easy use and since all the shutters are gathered together not taking any extra space, this option is increasingly demanded for shops.
Thanks to our wide experience on the enclosure sector we know the soul of a sliding door are its bearings. That is why we have paid special attention to the design and manufacture of this part, using top-quality materials and providing it with a system of double bearing. This way, even if the shutters are big, they will accompany the movement of your hand.

  • The 4 tracks of the D’GLASS system allow a great versatility in the design, with combinations of 2 to 8 shutters increasing in multiples of 2 or 3.
  • It allows to cover great lights with a minimum view of the profiles; besides, the lower trail can be hidden to level the glass with the floor. This, and the possibility of gathering all the shutters in one side, opens up the space as if the wall wasn’t even there.
  • The assembly system is simple and dry, which allows a clean and quick installation.
  • The needle bearings can support up to 65kg each.
  • There are accessories for glass and ironworks special for this line available.
  • The aluminium profiles can be requested with different finishes: faux wood, lacquer and anodizing.
  • The tempered glass shutters have a measure of 3000x1600mm and can be installed with a thickness of 8 to 10 mm.
  • Both the frame and the shutters are adjustable.
  • From its middle point ±2,5 mm on the frame and ±3,5mm on the shutters.
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